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Trailer Leasing

The Montgomery Entities are proud to introduce Capacity Lease, a flatbed trailer leasing company created to support carrier partners at Montgomery Logistics. In today’s market, most of our smaller carrier partners are unable to run a 2:1 trailer to tractor ratio. Today, we are in a world where our drivers’ time and utilization have never been more important. Within our network, we have many opportunities that offer preload services that will support Montgomery Logistics and Capacity Lease.

Capacity Lease will enable our carriers to enter into an extremely competitive lease and offer additional trailer capacity to Montgomery Logistics and our customer base that will better service the driver and customer community.

The Advantage of Leasing

Capacity Lease helps protect your bottom line by eliminating the need for large, upfront purchases required to replace and expand your existing fleet.

  • Well-maintained, 53′ all-aluminum, 9,400 lb. trailers
  • No Down Payment
  • 100% Deductible Payments
  • Eliminates Working Capital
  • Only One Monthly Invoice
  • Tags provided by Capacity Lease

Thank you for your interest.