Q3 2022 Carrier of the Quarter

Give it up for OCMC Trucking Inc. on earning the title of Carrier of the Quarter for Q3! 

OCMC Trucking, which operates out of Schaumburg, IL, has been a partner of ours since 2018. They’ve been consistently reliable and are unparalleled in their communication. Montgomery Logistics depends on OCMC with high-priority freight because they know it will be taken care of safely and efficiently.

“Montgomery Logistics is a very dependable broker and always willing to assist us, both during busy and slow periods,” said an OCMC operations representative. “We know that if we need to call them outside of business hours, we can still reach them, which is critical because trucks run around the clock. We hope to continue growing and collaborating with Montgomery Logistics. They are true professionals.”

We are so thankful for the fine folks at OCMC Trucking and extend our utmost congratulations on this accomplishment!