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If something needs to be moved, Montgomery Logistics can move it. We offer a wide range of diversified shipping services so we can meet all of your freight needs — dependably and affordably. When it comes to competitive logistics solutions, we are the only partner you need.

Flatbed Trailers

Montgomery Logistics offers safe and reliable flatbed service for large cargo shipments.

Over Length

Metal beams, tubing, steel plates, pipe, building materials

Wide Loads

Structural steel, plates and more

Heavy Haul

Steel coils, steel merchants, sheetrock, and other products

Dry Van Trailer

Dry Vans, also known as box vans, are enclosed trailers used to carry and protect freight from weather. Your shipment can be loaded on the rear of the trailer using a loading dock. Liftgate Vans are used in cases where an unloading dock is not available.

Straight Truck

Straight trucks, also known as box vans, cube trucks, cube vans, or box trucks, are trucks that carry cargo on the same chassis as the power unit and cab. Often used to move “hot-shot” expedited freight deliveries and smaller freight.

Step Deck (Stepdeck)

Step deck trailers, or drop decks, are “flatbed” trailers consisting of a lower and upper deck. These trailers are designed to haul shipments that cannot be transported on standard flatbed, often due to height restrictions.

Conestoga Trailers

Conestoga trailers are equipped with rolling tarp systems used to cover and uncover the trailer, protecting the shipment. Conestoga trailers’ tarps can be rolled back, allowing side loading or unloading of shipment.

RGN (Removable Gooseneck) Trailers

Removable Gooseneck (RGN) Trailers are excellent for shipping tall or long freight. RGN trailers are equipped with detachable fronts, allowing the trailer to be dropped to create a ramp. They can go from 3 axles up to 20 plus axles for heavier shipments.

Stretch RGN Trailers

The Stretch Removable Gooseneck (RGN) Trailer is designed to haul shipments that are too long to be carried by a standard RGN. Depending on the weight, axles may range from 3 axles or higher.

Lowboy Trailer

Lowboy Trailers are unpowered trailers designed to carry and transport tall shipments. Shipments to be carried by a Lowboy Trailer are taller than the legal height of shipments that are commonly carried by flatbeds.

Refrigerated (Reefer) Trailers

A refrigerated trailer is temperature-controlled, regardless of weather conditions. Refrigerated trailers are very specialized and take additional fuel to keep the cooling mechanism running.

Specialized Trailers

Specialized trailers are specifically made for certain types of shipments. Equipment types include tank, perimeter, double gooseneck, and dolly trailers.

Military, Government & DoD

Montgomery Logistics is a private contractor proudly serving the logistical needs of the military, government and DoD.